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Mountain Lake

Our expertise can empower you to reach new heights

We support the biggest dreamers in their quest for success. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, business leader, athlete or entertainer? Let us provide the legal expertise necessary to  reach new heights of growth.

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We are driven by innovative solutions to make a real difference.

At Lake Law, we know success doesn't come from taking the same approach as everyone else. That's why our boutique law firm remains dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers and business leaders take their visions higher through expertly crafted legal advice across various fields with an unwavering commitment towards achieving your goals!

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Lake Law is an of-counsel firm to SK&S Law Group

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Practice Areas

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Business Law

Ready to turn your business idea into a success? Allow us to be the guide on this exciting journey. Our expertise helps you successfully navigate complex legal and business matters that come with bringing your company to its's full potential!

Sports and Entertainment

As an athlete or entertainer you have developed the skills to get to the top of your game! We are here to help you navigate the legal and business issues that arise during and after your career

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Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Embrace the blockchain revolution and unlock its potential! Let us take care of navigating any legal complexities to help you leverage this innovative technology. Whether it's minting an NFT or utilizing smart contracts, we can pave your business's way into a bright future with groundbreaking solutions powered by cryptocurrency.

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Beer, Liquor and Wine

Don't let the daunting legal and regulatory obstacles of alcohol production prevent you from bringing your brand to life. Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to make it happen!

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Intellectual Property

Protect your prized possessions–your intellectual property. The Lake Law Group assists business owners, athletes & entertainers in safeguarding their assets from domestic and international threats. Count on us to secure the products of your hard work with quality IP legal services!

Real Estate

Streamline your real estate dealings with us. Our comprehensive legal services offer you the guidance from initial acquisition to sell and everything in between. No matter what part of development and ownership journey you're on our team is here to help maximize  your success.

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Tax Law

In today's complicated business environment, it takes more than just business savvy to stay ahead of the competition. Tax regulations are constantly changing and require strategic problem-solving from skillful advisors who can come up with innovative solutions in order to maximize success.

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