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We help entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes and entertainers ascend to the next level of growth in their careers by advising on the things that matter most. Find out how we can help you achieve your goals. 



Lake Law Group, LLC. is a boutique law firm specializing in Business, Sports, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Beer, Liquor and Wine industry, and Tax law. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, entertainer or business leader, we have the expertise and passion to help you achieve your goals.

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Lake Law is an of-counsel firm to SK&S Law Group


Practice Areas

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Business Law

As an Entrepreneur or business leader you have successfully developed a business idea. We are here to help you navigate complex business and legal issues that you will face when taking your company to the next level.

Sports and Entertainment

As an athlete or entertainer you have developed the skills to get to the top of your game! We are here to help you navigate the legal and business issues that arise during and after your career

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Wine Tasting Events

Beer, Liquor and Wine

As a producer of alcohol, the legal and regulatory requirements can be overwhelming. We have the experience and expertise to help bring your brand to market

Intellectual Property

As a business owner, athlete or entertainer your intellectual property is one of your most precious assets. The Lake Law Group helps you protect those assets. We routinely help domestic and international business clients with their IP needs.

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Real Estate

From acquisition to disposition and everything in between, we handle all your real estate needs. Whether you are involved in development, construction, ownership, finance and/or investment, or are simply a user of real estate, we partner with you to advance your business goals.

Tax Law

It’s no longer enough to be business-savvy. You have to be tax-savvy, too.  Navigating the intricate regulatory tax landscape requires prudent thinking and creative solutions from top advisors.

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